Peter Thomas may be officially divorced from ex-wife and fellow RHOA co-star, Cynthia Thomas, but apparently his love for her isn’t finalized.

On Sunday, the cast and crew united for the third installment of the show’s reunion special and apparently, Thomas is still holding a candle for Cynthia.

“If I can’t have all of her, I want none of her,” Thomas, 56, told host Andy Cohen. “I really want her to be with the person that she needs to be with. Because I will always, always, always love her. Okay? Always. I wish the best for her.”

The revelation came during a tense discussion about why the two decided to throw in the towel. After admitting he still loves Bailey, Thomas stormed off the set.

Bailey and Thomas tied the knot in 2011 during the show’s third season. They’ve reportedly had a peaceful split, spending time together and remaining close friends.

When expressing her point of view regarding their split, Bailey said the problems she and Thomas had in their marriage led to bitterness.

“It was very scary when we started having issues,” the 50-year-old said as she held back tears. “I just felt like over time, I started to be very resentful toward him even when we started to get back on track. I don’t know — it’s like I just couldn’t stop being mad at him for things that didn’t work out when that wasn’t the plan.”

Bailey also said that she doesn’t do too well “in stressful situations” and felt like “it just seemed like every time we got over one hurdle it would be someone else.”

“I didn’t know how to be married,” Bailey added. “I did the best I could do.”

While Thomas agreed with Bailey’s assessment of their marriage, he took time to praise his former wife for her achievements.

“She depended on no one for nothing. She got into a relationship with Peter Thomas and s— was hard. I’m good dealing with s—, she is not good with that.”