Last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta didn’t bring as much drama as last week’s. Then again, how can you top the last few episodes? For the sake of my blood pressure, it’s probably best that this episode was a little tame for once.

It was another day in the office and Claudia Jordan tried to make friends with Porsha. They both work for Dish Nation and see each other in passing. Usually things are cordial, but after Cynthia’s EBONY magazine party last episode, it seems like Porsha has been giving Claudia the cold shoulder. After an awkward attempt to start conversation, Claudia invites Porsha out to lunch to get to the bottom of it all.

Porsha wasn’t very receptive of the conversation, especially once Claudia brought up her feud with Kenya Moore. I have to say, I agree with Porsha here. Claudia, you’re the newbie, and what happened between Porsha and Kenya is none of your business.

Speaking of Kenya, she’s still upset over the whole Apollo lying on her thing. Nene made some comments about not believing Apollo lied at all, and that his apology was probably his way of getting back at Phaedra. When Kandi tells Kenya about Nene’s theory, Kenya flips out. It’s very clear this whole ordeal is causing her to have an emotional breakdown. (Either that or she’s been told to up the ante for ratings.)

Kandi is having a little drama of her own. She feels that her brand is stagnant, and Todd is frustrated with the fact that Kandi isn’t moving forward as she should. According to Todd, she should be dining with the Obamas, and it hasn’t happened yet. It seems she’s been paying employees to work and not much is getting done. Todd suggests Kandi hold a meeting with her assistant, Carmen, and her manager, Don Juan. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go well.

Don Juan, who’s managed Kandi for 12 years, feels that Todd is an outsider coming in trying to run things. While I can see where Don Juan is coming from, Todd is Kandi’s husband now. He definitely has a say in her career as long as she allows it…

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