Mason Pryor hopes to walk in his father’s footsteps one day, as the son of Richard Pryor tried his luck on the Apollo stage recently with unfortunate results.

The stand-up “bombed’ his set at the historical theater, with the crowd booing his lackluster routine about President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I bombed when I shouldn’t have,” he said backstage. “I wasn’t funny.”

After walking off stage mid-set, The Huffington Post reports host Steve Harvey brought the 30-year-old comic back out. Soon after dropping an amusing tidbit about his parents’ separation, the jeers started up again, leading the young Pryor to act out, according to Harvey.

The host explained on his iHeartRadio show that Pryor told a woman in the audience to, “Shut up, B,” and later dry-humped the “Tree of Hope,” a tree stump Apollo amateurs rub for good luck before performing.

Mason has since called the turbulent set a “learning experience,” according to TMZ.