Jerry Jones was blasted by San Francisco 49ers player Richard Sherman, over his position on the NFL’s national anthem policy, Yahoo Sports reports.

In an interview with USA Today on Monday, Sherman said that Jerry Jones views were antiquated.

“The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, with the old plantation mentality,” he said. “What did you expect?”

Sherman, who’s a member of the NFL Players Association’s executive committee, said that discussions between the League and the Player’s Association are ongoing but encouraging.

“They’re having the conversations; that’s awesome,” Sherman said. “But there are unintended consequences. If they did this (original policy) to appease people, they didn’t appease anyone. It’s like putting a Band-Aid over a broken leg.”

The NFL put a hold on their recently announced policy that would fine players for not standing for the national anthem while they were on the field.

Jerry Jones also received criticism from Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen, who has spoken about the NFL’s domestic violence policy, who inferred that the owner was being a hypocrite over respect for the national anthem, per The Washington Post.

“Jerry Jones loves and respects the national anthem so much that, when it was being played before the start of practice Saturday, he left his cap on,” Hansen said in a WFAA commentary posted on YouTube on Monday. “And when he was told about the mistake he was making, he still left his cap onHe who makes the rules apparently doesn’t have to follow them.”

Check out video of Hansen’s critique of Jones below.