Rick Ross’ manager reportedly passed away at his home just a couple of months before his hospitalization, TMZ reports.

On Dec. 8 Black Bo stopped breathing and was found lying on his back on the bathroom floor of the Maybach Music rapper’s home when an officer arrived.

Bo was pronounced dead shortly after fire rescue arrived on scene. Officials also discovered vomit in the toilet.

According to reports, Ross, Bo and others were out partying the night before and didn’t get back to the rapper’s home until the next morning. Ross told police that Black Bo didn’t seem like himself while out at the club and may or may not have been feeling well.

The media outlet is reporting that a friend attempted to call Bo several times, and when he did not answer, the friend went into his room and found him unresponsive in the bathroom.

Ross, who was hospitalized last week for heart-related issues, is recovering fine.