Buick recently announced the arrival of its latest fleet, set to hit the market this summer. While we’re incredibly excited about all the new offerings, we are especially excited to talk about the 2024 Encore GX, a vehicle that instantly redefines luxury vehicle. We test drove the new ride for a few days in Detroit, the Motor City; here's our thoughts.

The SUV's sleek and clean design mentally transports you to a place of glamour and style. Whether you decide to obsess over the signature winged LED headlights or the new body-mounted tri-shield logo, trust that a love affair will undoubtedly occur. What’s cool about this vehicle is that the interior is just as swagged out as the exterior. By cool, we mean attractive and efficient. 

Luxury isn’t always about the aesthetic, as these days, it’s imperative that it encompasses functionality. When stepping into the vehicle, you’re introduced to a technological oasis. After taking in the beautiful, soft leather seats, you’ll notice the Virtual Cockpit System (VCS), as it is the first Buick vehicle to host this technology. The system features 19 inches of high-definition screens, where drivers can completely personalize the SUV with their iPhone or Android. To top it off, Buick’s QuietTuning system is enabled, helping to block unwanted outside noise during the drive.

And whether you’re going on a cross-country trip with your crew or heading to brunch on Sunday with your fam, you’re in good hands. Equipped with a 1.2L turbo engine that produces 137 horsepower, wherever you decide to drive will be quite the journey. Now, we understand that those numbers may be a bit daunting, but there are plenty of mechanisms in place to ensure that your drives are comfortable, fun, and, most importantly, safe. Some other features include adaptive cruise control and a rear camera mirror.

And as with every Encore GX purchase, there comes a reassurance of safety through the Buick Driver Confidence package. which includes: emergency assistance in the form of automatic emergency braking, IntelliBeam auto high beams and much more.