Rihanna and Chris Brown certainly know how to make headlines. Not only did the two singers remix Rihanna's album favorite "Birthday Cake" together in honor of Rihanna's 24th birthday this past weekend, but they also decided to drop a second remix on us, featuring Rihanna on Chris' new dance single "Turn up the Music." Both artists seem to be as tired with their on-going subtleties as we are, because for both tracks the former couple bares it all, making it pretty difficult to make a case against their having allegedly seen each other for the past year. 

"I wanna f*** you right now/Been a long time I been missing your body," Brown boldly sings, while Rihanna seductively instructs him to do a number of naughty things involving pastry, icing and candles. On Brown's track, RIhanna belts out a candid "I love you" as they playfully sing to one another about love on the dance floor. Judging from their Twitter timelines, neither Rihanna nor Chris Brown are interested in what the public has to say about them working together. Still, the blogosphere has been set ablaze by what seems to be the impending reunion of these two former lovers, with many worried about the influence Rihanna's rekindling will have on her younger fans. 

Should Rihanna sacrifice what seems to be a burning desire for her first love in order to send a message to domestic abuse victims and young women? Or would her actions not even make a difference in the long run?