As we wait with baited breath for the upcoming "Oprah's Next Chapter" interview featuring pop superstar Rihanna, OWN network has been releasing clips of the segment to give viewers a taste of what to expect. Of course, the "Queen of Media" makes sure to ask her the one question that the public cannot seem to get over. In a recent clip, Oprah asks Rihanna about the night when Chris Brown violently abused her.

“It was embarrassing," responded a tearful Rihanna, revealing a vulnerability usually masked with thug life-like apathy. "It was humiliating. I lost my best friend. I was resentful. I held a grudge. I was dark.”

Oprah then goes on to ask Rihanna about where the two stand and if Chris is the love of Rihanna's life, but then teases viewers by prompting them to catch the full episode when it airs on August 19. According to Oprah herself, she had her own assumptions of how the Bajan would be one-on-one, yet claims the singer was far from being the "bad-ass" everybody sees.