After A$AP Rocky went on the record about his love for pop superstar Rihanna, the two were recently spotted enjoying a night out on the town in New York City.

However, things seemed to have taken an interesting turn for the two recognizable entertainers.

According to PopSugar, on Wednesday night, June 23, the sexy duo went out to SoHo’s famed Barcade, where they were seen getting cozy and couple-y in front of everyone. The public and the fans may not know much about the couple as they have been uber-private about their union, but dressed to the nines—it seems that a bouncer there was not even familiar with their celebrity status.

In the RapTV tweet below you can see how security asks for identification before allowing the blazing hitmakers to enter the premises.

Black Twitter laughed at the situation while they also marveled at Rihanna and Rocky’s stunning outfits. Described as a “normie couple dressed better and, frankly, way hotter, Rihanna and Rocky had fun despite being denied in a bar at first. 

The couple was spotted with their hands locked as they get out of the place after being smoochy inside.

Watch them hit the streets below.