A good hook up buddy is hard to find. When you're a high profile celeb that feat is probably all the more difficult.Yet, Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher were rumored to be doing exactly that, after paparazzi spotted RihRih dipping out of the "Two an a Half Men" star's home at 4 A.M. recently. We don't know who was more excited about this potential new hot celeb couple, the starlets themselves, Rihanna stans, or the general public, but apparently two have already called their "situation" quits.

According to sources, Kutcher is convinced that Rihanna contacted the media herself in order to gain publicity around the new hook up. As soon as word got around, Kutcher reportedly called the singer, telling her "I can't trust you." Of course, RihRih's team is claiming the exact opposite, saying that the actor had much more to gain than the international pop star. Whoever is to blame, the two should perhaps consider giving this another go, if only to keep Rihanna's emo sub-text tweets at a minimum.