Rihanna reportedly wants to make peace with Chris Brown, Celebrity Insider reports.

While the two have clearly moved on, it appears she wishes to bury the hatchet with Brown following her recent birthday.

As you all know, the “Umbrella” star turned 30, and according to the media outlet, she is interested in making a few changes in her life.

“Rihanna made a list of goals after turning 30 this month. At the top of her list is getting married and starting a family,” Celebrity Insider reports the source saying. “Making new music, touring, spending time with her fans and being more creative in all avenues of her life is also on her list of things to do now that she’s a successful adult. What also made the list was to make peace with some things in her past, including her history with Chris Brown.”

And according to this person, while the superstar isn’t interested in rekindling her relationship with Brown, her past with him is something that bothers her.

“She feels her story with Chris is not done yet and the two still have some unfinished business. Rihanna believes they have both matured and grown a lot since they were in love. While she’s not considering ever dating Chris right now, they stay in contact, and she is thinking about meeting Chris for dinner.”

The insider went on to say that even though she is not planning on rekindling their relationship, she would like to be friendly to each other and also hit the town together sometimes.

“She feels that while Chris may have done some horrible things to her, there are still things she’s not proud of that she never apologized for. She’d love to clear the air with Chris. She’s always had a special place for him in her heart and, if they can start over, she’d love to work with him in the studio again, too.”