Fans Slam Rihanna for Bashing Dominican Republic

Rihanna recently hit up D.R. for a tour stop, and what she had to say about the hotel scene set her Dominican fans on fire. RiRi took to Twitter to share a roach motel saga, claiming she was chased down by bats, rats, roaches and all. What pissed off all the papi chulos and chulas was when she hit them with this one-two jab: “Only in the #DR.” (Bad gal must’ve wanted the whole island to show up to her concert strapped with machetes.) Well Ms. Rudeness’s low-key shade caused World War Ri, and fans ragged her for her grammar skills and lack of common sense. Someone even accused her of weed-induced hallucinations. A word of advice to the Bajan bully: just don’t try that in Jamaica, it might really be a “man down.”

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Idris Elba Rushed to the Hospital After Asthma Attack

Idris Elba was zoomed to the emergency room following an asthma attack this weekend, as he boarded a plane from London Saturday morning. The Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom star was headed to the movie’s press conference in Johannesburg, South Africa when he got caught up in the weeze. Yes, I feel the pain, but cool down ladies. He’s okay now. The drool-worthy star even made it to the film’s red carpet Sunday. So let’s all thank the Lord for his speedy recovery, ’cause he liked to give us all heart attacks messing around with that asthma.

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Kevin Hart Donates a Quarter Mill to Philly Schools

You see, the way Kevin Hart’s bank account is set up, he can donate $250,000 worth of new computers to his peeps in Philly. Chocolate Droppa let all his followers on Twitter and IG know that the City of Brotherly Love made him the man he is today, so it’s only right he run back to his native land to help out some students in need. This past Friday, he put his money where his wise mouth is and made that trip back home. So yeah, it’s safe to say that Kev loves the kids! (Not to mention, he’s damn near the same size as them, and can still fit in an elementary school chair. SMH!) He had to shut down a few critics on Twitter who hammered him for publicizing his good deeds. But take several seats no-lifers: clearly Hart’s heart was in the right place. Good job.

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