Rihanna just used Twitter for a really cool thing.

The Grammy Award-winning singer has been using her platform—and influence—to directly sent tweets to leaders from all over the globe in hopes of convincing them to prioritize education.

The “Work” performer has asked world leaders to help fund education in countries when they convene for the G20 summit next month in Hamburg, Germany. The international forum unites governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies. Its aim is to study, review and promote noteworthy conversation surrounding policy issues pertaining to international economic and financial stability.

“hey there @mauriciomacri, what’s your plan for Argentina to commit to #FundEducation?” Rihanna tweeted to Argentina’s president on Friday.

She also hit up the prime minister of Canada:

And the president of France:

And the country of Germany, among others:

The superstar’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed:

Rihanna continues to prove why she deserved every bit of that Humanitarian of the Year award received from Harvard University this year.