Rihanna took to her new favorite mode of communication, Instagram, to tell the world about her recent hue change. "Cuz I'm black bitch," she tweeted to her 16 million followers, along with an Instagram snapshot of her rocking out in her long, jet black, asymmetrical tresses.

Prior to those rockstar snapshots, the young singer hinted at the color change by sending a tweet with the hashtag #sohardtosaygoodbye and #blackonblackonblack, until finally posting a sudsy picture of her washing away the blonde. For those fans eager to see Rihanna return to her short hair, don't care days, she let everyone know that she's sticking with the length for the time being. "I ain't ready to chop," she tweeted.

Perhaps her international promo tour for her upcoming film "Battleship" or her "thug life" finger tats sparked this return to black. Who knows? Most will probably link this new look to the highly publicized love triangle that Rihanna and former flame Chris Brown have been in for the past several months. Whatever the cause, we can guarantee that the kids will be flocking to the nearest Sally's Beauty Supply and buying out all the jet black dye within arms reach.