From breastfeeding to fashionable baby footwear, Mama Bey and Jay-Z have made parenting quite the hot topic. Apparently Jay-Z has already looked into potential role models for his young daughter Blue Ivy and Rihanna did not make the list. According to a source close to the rap mogul/new daddy, Jay has no intention on making the young singer a part of Blue Ivy's life if the rumors about Rihanna getting back with her former flame Chris Brown are true.

Jay had been one of the few celebrities to publicly denounce Brown, cutting ties with him immediately after the incident. Seeing how Jay has mentored Rihanna and fostered her career from the start, it is totally understandable that Jay would have become closer to Rihanna in a father-daughter manner. At the same time, some say that Jay may be being a tad too harsh. The Carter family could stand to use an eccentric auntie, which Rih Rih would surely be, so here's to hoping that no bridges are burned in Roc Nation. 

​If the rumors are true, is Jay-Z being too harsh?