Rihanna to Star as Josephine Baker in Upcoming Biopic?

Well it looks as if Rihanna’s obsession with dancing around half-naked on stage is about to pay off. A biographical film detailing the life of legendary jazz singer Josephine Baker—the iconic entertainer famous for her signature banana-embroidered tutus and bare-breasted performances—is set for release next year, with none other than bad gal RiRi as the top pick to portray Ms. Baker. Considering her fascination with dropping it down to the ground and walking around almost always naked anyhow, this should be a piece of cake.

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Drake Sued for Stiffing His Stylist

Drake sure was quick to scream “Versace! Versace!” but slow at paying the stylist who put those Medusa heads on his body. An elite Manhattan jeweler and garb whiz named Michael Raphael is suing El Cheapo for more than $76K after he stiffed him for his services. Mike insists the rapper/singer hired him as a brand consultant and asked him to relocate to Toronto, where he was promised rent, reimbursements for money spent on flashy clothes, and all types of bling, boom, blaw. But Drizzy ended up giving him the boot and stiffing him for his paper. Really Drake? You’re throwing stacks on strippers in the club and sponsoring groupies, but can’t pay the man who keeps you from looking like you just stepped off the set of Degrassi? Stop it!

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Tyler Perry Sued for Copyright Infringement

This is the second time Tyler Perry’s been accused of jacking another writer’s idea for one of his million dollar movies. Screenwriter William James claims he sent the hit-making maven a 2009 play entitled Lovers Kill, which magically appeared in theaters as Tyler’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. Now lil’ Houdini got off in the first case (author Terri Donald accused him of stealing from his novel Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit and mystically transforming it into Good Deeds), but two charges for the same crime in less than 12 months? Yeah, something ain’t right. Let me find out that my mans T. P. can’t write a movie by his lonesome that doesn’t involve gun-totting Madea, praise-singing and somebody acting a fool.

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