That Rihanna reign really just won't let up! The Bayesian superstar has broken yet another record, this time beating out her industry friend Nicki Minaj for VEVO's number one spot. Rih Rih's new smash video "Where Have you Been" pulled in an outstanding 4.9 million views in the matter of 24 hours, trumping the former victor's "Stupid Hoe" video which had received 4.8 million views in the same time span. The singer definitely has her Navy (or rather Navi, as she likes to call them these days) to thank for the gigantic turnout. In honor of the occasion, fans dominated the Twitter trending topics in true Navi fashion, creating hashtags like #WePhuckedVevoUp and #WHYBeffect. Vevo broke the great news, tweeting to Rihanna: "@rihanna love this sh*t! Congrats to you and the Navi!” To which the singer replied, "anybody else lovin the way @vevo tweets? VEVO in the Navi tbh"

(For those not well-versed in tweet-speak, the last couple sentences involved Rihanna thanking her fans, and VEVO congratulating Rihanna for breaking the record.)