Two rival gangs in Chicago have come together to build a playground for children to mark eight months without neighborhood violence, CBS Chicago reports.

The gangs, which were not named, but are part of the North Pullman neighborhood in Chicago, reached a cease-fire in October when they realized that they were tired of the violence plaguing their community, per the report.

“It’s peace going on now,” said Sherman Scullarck, a gang member who agreed to be interviewed by CBS. “They really could play—they don’t need to worry about anything.”

Chicago police detective Vivian Williams, who helped broker the peace deal between the two gangs and called the past violence “senseless” connected the groups to the anti-gun violence organization Chicago CRED.

“Several young men have been shot [and] some kill over a gang war that none of them even knew what they were fighting about,” Williams said.

“We’re working directly with the young men on the south and west sides most likely to shoot and be shot,” Arne Duncan of Chicago CRED told CBS.  “They didn’t ask for anything for themselves. They said ‘our kids have no place to play. Can you help us build a playground?’”

Scullark is appreciative of the peace between the two gangs and is glad that they can come together to help the children.

“You get to hang out, sit on the porch and not have to feel somebody’s jumping out of the car and start shooting,” Scullarck said. “The kids can have somewhere to play peacefully and both sides can come and [enjoy] themselves.”