A family’s claims that R. Kelly is the mastermind behind a brainwashed sex cult full of young, impressionable women have led one Fulton County official to call for an investigation into the allegations.

According to TMZ, Fulton County Chairman, John Eaves, says the Johns Creek Police Department has found new evidence against the Grammy Award-winning musician. While Eaves said he is unclear as to what that evidence is, he claims it is enough to get the D.A.’s office involved.

“As of this morning, I had a brief conversation with District Attorney, Paul Howard,” Eaves said at a press conference announcing the developments. “He did verify that he has received a file from the Johnson Creek Law Enforcement community requesting that he …the powers he has as a district attorney, do an investigation into details surrounding R.Kelly.”

Kelly has repeatedly denied the allegations and one of his alleged “captors,” Jocelyn Savage, released a video coming to the singer’s defense and saying that she’s living with him by choice.

Savage’s parents claim R. Kelly is responsible for keeping their daughter away from them. They say she has pretty much cut off all contact as a result of being under his control.

“I believe that it’s important for me as chairman of Fulton County to speak out and support this investigation,” Eaves said.

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