Robert De Niro confirmed his split from wife of 21 years, Grace Hightower, last month. Because he refused to divulge the details surrounding their impending divorce, many believed reports that Hightower is a Trump supporter, which drove a wedge between the couple. Democrat De Niro has criticized the 45th president on several occasions.

Political differences aside, according to a new report, there was more to the marriage coming to an end. Sources at Radar Online claim Hightower’s controlling ways were the main catalyst.

“She busted his balls and controlled his finances and film production company, and had all kinds of rules he couldn’t live by. Grace micromanaged him to death and he deserves a medal for sticking it out so long.”

The source continued, “‪With both their names on so many charitable projects, she wanted him to look respectable in the public eye, and that meant shaving regularly and getting a proper haircut [he loves to go native] and not hanging out with pals like Marty [Scorsese], Leo [DiCaprio], Harvey [Keitel], and Keith [Richards].” De Niro reportedly also had to “call from the set twice a day like he was reporting for duty,” when filming.

Robert De Niro And Grace Hightower Divorce

Reportedly, both parties are happy to move forward with their lives.

“To her credit, she took on a lot of the responsibilities, but a huge festering problem was that he wasn’t able to be himself. Now she’s moving on and it’s eased up a lot of the stress and tension between them.”

Here's What Reportedly Led to Robert De Niro & Grace Hightower's Split
NEW YORK-SEP 10: Grace Hightower and Robert De Niro attend “The Family” world premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on September 10, 2013 in New York City.

The Goodfellas star, 75, married Hightower, 63, in 1997 after a decade of courtship. The couple share two children: 20-year-old son Elliott and 6-year-old daughter Helen Grace.