Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was inaugurated for a seventh term, and if you thought the 89-year-old leader would take the opportunity to reach out to the country’s opposition after another contentious election or present constructive ideas for the country’s ailing economy—a few months ago, the country’s public account stood at just $217—you don’t know Bob.

Instead he took the time to address what he apparently sees as a far more pressing threat: homosexuals.

South Africa’s Eyewitness News reports: In the speech, Mugabe urged young people to “damn” homosexuality in the same way his government does and not to offend nature by engaging in same-sex relationships. “That destroys nations, apart from it being a filthy, filthy disease,” he said.

Mugabe, never exactly gay-friendly, ramped up the rhetoric during the recent campaign, calling gays “worse than pigs, goats, and birds,” and criticizing President Obama’s support for gay rights, asking if he was “born out of homosexuality.”