A Black Lady Sketch Show is back on HBO Max and season 4’s show opener is one to remember. Series creator and star Robin Thede and the cast each expose their lady parts to the camera, releasing a gust of pink pixie dust from their privates.

Thede tells EBONY, “There are two things going on here. It’s a fun Basic Instinct moment—we're literally showing our crotches in the opening credits. That’s just funny at a sketch level.” And savvy A Black Lady Sketch Show viewers know that “pink glittery magic has been throughout the seasons, from our posters to our opening graphics. It represents what's essentially being birthed. On an allegorical level, it's about the source of our power and how women give birth to comedy and creativity in many ways, which is our larger, empowered message.”

Indeed, A Black Lady Sketch Show has birthed comedy gold from a woman’s perspective. “We're about what makes us laugh, what characters we want to see and what the audience wants to see,” Thede says. “We want people to feel that creativity and take it with them during the week. We want people to send sketches to their friends and quote and argue about which are their favorites.” 

Serving up a wide variety of chuckles is important because “sketch comedy is not one size fits all. It's very subjective.” Thede continues, “There's diversity among Black women. We're not all the same, so we explore different ideas and concepts and put all that together on display.” 

This season is primed to be “bigger and broader” with the raunchiest sketches yet and an A-list lineup of guest stars like Tracee Ellis Ross, Colman Domingo, Kym Whitley and Deborah Wilson. “People we’ve been working to get in here for years," says Thede. Favorite characters from seasons past are back as well. While the sketches may be bolder than ever, Thede stresses there’s never a worry about crossing a line. “We're not out to offend anyone, but we're also not scared of doing things that are risky,” she shares. “At the end of the day, we just want to create a space of legacy and joy. We don't do that by attacking or making of fun people who can't change their situations and we don't punch them down. You can tackle anything as long as the writing is good, the jokes are good and the performances are good.”

A new batch of A Black Lady Sketch Show cast members will help deliver those jokes: TikTok star DaMya Gurley, music artist Tamara Jade and comedian Angel Laketa Moore. “I'm really excited about doubling the cast and having these new players. I hope that the audience really falls in love with them too,” Thede declares. “They are so much fun and they just transition so seamlessly with the OGs, and it's just so cool to see them working at this level.” Thede is equally excited over former cast members who have moved on to other projects, such as Abbott Elementary creator and Emmy winner Quinta Brunson

“I refuse to take any credit for their greatness, but I can take credit for providing a platform, Thede says with pride. “That was what was always meant for the show. I think it took our audience a couple of seasons to understand that it wasn't just going to be the original four forever. I purposely called it A Black Lady Sketch Show so that we can do as many as possible for as long as HBO allows.”

New episodes of A Black Lady Sketch Show air Fridays on HBO Max.