As a native of the concrete jungle, I’ve had my fair share of tough luck. But that’s how the story goes in the city that never sleeps: hustle and bustle, terrible weather and even worse commutes. And although I wear the “I can make it anywhere” motto as a badge of honor, I’ve never gotten used to NYC’s dreadful winters. In other words, I am utterly defenseless against the cold. It’s neither friend nor foe but an element I rather disregard altogether, if we’re being honest. But despite my frigid reservations, I joined GMC on their Terrain Drive in the mountains. There’s definitely a shortage of nature here in Bedford-Stuyvesant, so what better way to get acquainted with nature than in GMC style?

Landing in Bozeman, Mont., I was greeted with snowflakes and 20-degree weather, but fortunately, that was no match for my insulated seats. In a white 2018 Terrain Denali, my friend and I hit the road to head to our campsite for our two-day glamping excursion. As the winding roads became smaller and the WiFi weaker, we arrived at Collective Yellowstone, an enchanting retreat exclusive to the Moonlight Basin community. From glamping to roading tripping across the mountains, I fell in love with the Rockies (and Collective Yellowstone), and here’s why you and your bae will, too:

It’s Cold, But the Glamp Site Is Warm
Back in my luxury tent, complete with firewood, electric blankets and the coziest bed ever, I couldn’t help but think how amazing this would be to share with a beau. My friend agreed as we shared mutual thoughts of missing our misters back home. The nights are pretty cold, so being in the arms of your loved one is a surefire way to warm up if your blankets couldn’t do the job.

No Wifi Is Like Chicken Soup for the Soul
In the city that never sleeps, it’s necessary to unplug and shut out all the outside noise. The tents at Three Peaks Lodge are pretty high up in the mountains, thus making it a WiFi-free zone. This allows f0r you and your partner to indulge in the silence and the isolation  nature provides. With no other option but to be among each other, the opportunities are endless to use as you wish. 😉 Becoming one with the outdoors is all about being present and using your senses to learn, grow and appreciate your surroundings. The same can be done on the inside of the tent with your partner. Complete with a steaming cup of tea or coffee to match, you can’t go wrong with that.

The Scenery Is Out of This World
Waking up to the sunlight glistening off the sugar-coated treetops may have been better than Folgers in your cup. And that wasn’t the best part: We took our car for a little adventure from Montana to Wyoming and passed through Idaho on the way.  The Denali provided a smooth three-hour drive while the built-in WiFi turned our little excursion into a full-out party. Blasting Jhene´Aiko and Big Sean’s Twenty88 as we drove through the sleek snow-covered mountains and Beyonce’s Lemonade backed by the blue skies and hay-covered alleys of Idaho made for a magical experience. I’m definitely a city girl at heart, but I was left in awe by the beauty of the open road and humbled by the masterwork of a greater power.

It was definitely an eye-opening experience, and I know it can only be better shared with your bae of choice.

A major takeway: Don’t let your fear of getting dirty (or, in my case, cold) keep you away from the beauty on the other side. Sometimes, the grass is greener!