Mo’Nique is trucking right along in her boycott of Netflix over what she considers “gender and racial bias.” She also felt the need to call out media personality Roland Martin on Twitter, claiming he has not contributed enough to helping women progress.

The Oscar-winner initially tweeted the former news host that she was preparing to go on a press tour for new film, Blackbird. Her tone then became more cynical, accusing Martin of not using is positioning within the industry to help women.

“Brother Roland please listen we getting ready to do press. I appreciate your fight, however where is your fight for EQUALITY when it comes to your sisters. Let’s talk brother.”

Martin didn’t take too kindly to the insinuation that he doesn’t support “sisters,” defending himself in a series of tweets aimed at the comedienne.

“Mo’Nique, the fact that you are even asking the question about what I have done to fight for equality and sisters shows you don’t know. I dot talk about it. I DO IT. Have done it my whole career. I don’t need to talk. I put in the work.”

He went on the say he’s helped women within his field whenever possible while calling out the stand-up for her poor attitude that reportedly got her blackballed.

“You really need to address the email @JawnMurray read that he said was from @willpowerpacker to your husband. That is damning. It spoke of how you mistreated the crew, men and women. Either you did or you didn’t. Speak to that.”

Martin also accused Mo’Nique of ruining the cover photoshoot for EBONY’s April 2011 issue, also featuring Steve Harvey and Chris Rock.

“You gonna have to own up to your stuff too if you want others to. That @EBONYMag cover you were on with @ChrisRock and @iamsteveharvey? I conceived that issue. I was told the photoshoot was a horror because of you.”

Check out Martin’s full read below.

#RolandMartin had a FEW words for #Monique 😩

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