When listening to the leaked recording of Mitt Romney addressing a group of wealthy Republican donors during a private fundraiser earlier in the year, I couldn’t help but think of former Arizona Cardinals coach Dennis Green’s infamous rant. Anyone surprised at all by anything “revealed” in that clip hasn’t been paying any attention.

I guess the only difference now is that our strong suspicions that Romney was tone-deaf, disingenuous, out-of-touch, cold hearted, and an unabashed and unconditional sycophant to the dollar — a living, breathing, hair-starching descendant of Montgomery Burns, Thurston Howell, and Scrooge McDuck — have now been confirmed. There can be no more doubt, no more “Well, perhaps…” Mitt Romney is exactly who we thought he was.

I am curious, though, how the people convinced that politics don’t matter, that their voice/vote doesn’t count, that there’s no real difference between Romney and President Obama, will process this new information. It’s one thing to be a skeptic or conspiracy theorist when details are cloudy and particulars are somewhat ambiguous. But, anyone still convinced today, after watching that video, that there’s no clear distinction between the president and Lord Pecunious is attempting to stay stupid.

Perhaps, if you are this willfully stupid — and I know stupid is a harsh word, but if something is stupid, I’m going to call it stupid — it may actually be in everyone’s best interest to for you to bow out of the political process. One thing is certain, though. Obama would care about this, about you. Romney, well, I doubt he cares too much about what you decide to do. Why? Well, as he clearly stated, he probably doesn’t care about you.