The Detroit home of civil rights icon Rosa Parks is now housed in Berlin, Germany.

The home ended up in the backyard of American artist, Ryan Mendoza, after Parks’ niece, Rhea McCauley, discovered the city’s plans to demolish the infrastructure. She purchased the property for $500 and reached out to Mendoza, who happened to be in Detroit at the time.

“It is something that is precious,” McCauley said, according to the Pittsburgh Courier“It is priceless, yet it is being mistreated.”

Both McCauley and Mendoza appealed the home’s demolition, but said the mayor of Detroit had no interest.

“That’s what I saw and that’s how it felt,” McCauley said. “So when I met Ryan and he said, ‘Let’s bring it to Berlin and restore it,’ I said yes.”

Over the course of several months and with the help of volunteers, Mendoza disassembled the home and transported it to Berlin.

“The Rosa Parks house should actually be a national monument and not a demolition project,” Mendoza told German media company Deutsche Welle. 

McCauley hopes that America will one day “grow up” and ask for the treasured home back.