Move over diamonds, gadgets have become the world's most prized commodity, and the options only continue to increase with time. Sitting high and mighty at the top of the smart phone food chain are Apple Inc.'s iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy, both of which boast an insane amount of special features and innovative detailing that put their competitors to shame. According to rumors circulating the electronics industry, these two tech titans might soon be going touch screen to touch screen with the simultaneous release of the iPhone 5 and the "Next Galaxy," in a battle to the digital death. 

Given the superior quality of the phones, choosing between the two may prove painstakingly difficult. However, checking out these leaked speculations of the latest additions to the next iPhone might provide that tipping point that indecisive shoppers need. As with any new Apple product, rumor has it that the next generation of iPhones will most likely be smaller and significantly lighter thanks to in-cell touch technology, a new style of touch display that doesn't require extra sensors or glass. Also prepare for a possible built-in 3D camera that will use several sensors to respond to facial gestures and features, as well as an increase in display screen size from 3.5 inches to 4. Ironically enough, the iPhone 5 might be powered by its own competitor Samsung, using the company's A6 Quad-Core Processor.

While these rumors have yet to be confirmed by Apple, the company notoriously known for building buzz around the secrecy of their upcoming projects, technology continues to move at such neck-braking speeds that these reports may all very well be true. Reports on the release date for the iPhone 5 continue to conflict, with some claiming June and others October. One thing we can be certain of is the league of Apple followers who will be lining the streets bright and early to cop the latest product from the technology kingpin.