Male celebrities everywhere are probably cheering for Ruben Studdard right now. The former “American Idol” winner has recently filed for divorced against his wife Surata Zuri McCants and was clearly intent on leaving the marriage with every penny with which he entered it. Like most woman in her situation, though, McCants certainly put up a fight trying to nullify the prenup, telling the judge that she signed it right before the 2008 wedding and claiming she was unfairly pressured and blind-sided. Of course, the judge was not buying that story one minute, ultimately deciding to uphold the prenup and refusing to believe McCants.

Yet, McCants will be getting a little something-something from this split, which some would consider more than generous on Ruben’s part, including her wedding dress, a 2006 BMW that Studdard must finish paying for, ten thousand dollars in a property settlement, two thousand dollars for attorney fees, and some photo albums. Studdard is not required to pay McCants any spousal support, so basically he came out on top at the end of the day. Perhaps this should serve as a warning story to those interested in marrying celebrities. When in doubt, a prenup is definitely not the way to go.