Surviving R. Kelly Series to Air "Part III: The Final Chapter"

After its initial airing in 2019, Surviving R. Kelly will conclude with a third and final chapter. Set in two parts, the final chapter will dive deep into the legal repercussions the troubled singer has experienced. Specifically, it will highlight his upcoming 30-year prison sentence due to federal racketeering and sex trafficking. In September 2021, R. Kelly was also convicted of multiple child pornography and sexual abuse charges. The executive producer of the series, Jesse Daniels, shared, “Where we are now at part three, which is the start of a trial where R. Kelly has faced many, many charges that are tied to the allegations made by our survivors. I can’t speak for our survivors, but I believe that they feel heard finally and believed.”

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch Under Fire for Family's Connection to Barbados Plantation

As Barbados' National Task Force on Reparations is beginning to shape its system of reparations from British colonial entities, it is researching those who may have profited through the business of enslavement. In a recent discovery, actor Benedict Cumberbatch may face paying reparations due to his family's history with the island and slavery. His family operated a sugar plantation in Barbados in the 18th century. According to The Telegraph, his ancestor Abraham Cumberbatch purchased the Cleland plantation, which owned approximately 250 enslaved Black people, which the family made tremendous amounts of money from the egregious business.

Robin Roberts Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend

Journalist Robin Roberts is engaged to Amber Laign. The two have been together since 2005. Roberts recently shared that they will get married in 2023. Last year, she shared that Laign was battling cancer, an experience that Roberts is all too familiar with.