Aoki Lee Simmons is a senior in high school, ready to take on the world after applying to several ivy league schools, including her top choice, Yale. Unfortunately, Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons’ youngest still faces racism and bullying from classmates, including one who called her the N-Word and uses the slur regularly.

“This particular kid, I swear, all day long he cannot stop saying the N word,” Aoki Lee shared on Instagram Thursday, The Jasmine Brand reports. “It’s like his favorite thing to say. He just cannot… I don’t even use it like that. He just loves to use it and see how far he can push it. And all of his friends don’t care. They all think they’re ‘woke’ nice good people, but they don’t stop him.”

She went on to reveal that during a group project, she began mumbling to herself while writing, resulting in the classmate disrespecting her.

“I guess he found that weird,” she said. “And then he goes ‘N*gger are you on crack or something?’”

Aoki Lee goes on to assert she will never let someone get away with that behavior while combating the belief that incidents like this don’t happen in “nice schools” and “nice neighborhoods.”

“I can’t fight every single person who uses racial slurs, but you can be damn sure you’re not going to call me the N word in class during group work. I can’t stand ppl sometimes you think that stuff doesn’t happen in a nice school or a nice neighborhood, but rest assured it does. I’ve had ENOUGH.”

She continued, “You’re gonna stop telling me I’m not black cause I’m mixed. You’re going to stop telling me ‘I’m the only black person who doesn’t like being called a ni**a’ and you’re going to stop disrespecting me cause I’ve had it. You know who you are or one of your lil friends can tell you since I have you blocked.”

Aoki went on to share her frustration with how Black women are treated, regardless of their own individual experiences.

“You can be an ‘angry black girl’ or you can be a ‘quiet studious black girl’ or you can be a black and proud girl or all three and you can go through life not provoking anyone and people will still go out of their way to voice their hate and attack you. It’s disgusting. Honestly if you’re a hateful mess inside keep that to yourself and get some help!”

Check out her Instagram Live stream below.