An unidentified woman is suing Russell Simmons for $10M after alleging the mogul raped her in 1988. Now Simmons is maintaining his innocence and calling the lawsuit “a work of pure fiction,” reports TMZ.

Simmons asserts that this claim is just an attempt from Jane Doe to get money. In new legal documents obtained by the site, Simmons says the lawsuit is a way “to extort large sums of money from Mr. Simmons and for her lawyer to try to make a name for himself.”

The co-founder of Def Jam is asking that the lawsuit be thrown out not only because it is made up but because the alleged rape took place 30 years ago exhausting the statue of limitations. Jane Doe claims she encountered Simmons at a hip-hop concert and later ended up in his hotel room. After refusing his advances she alleges that the 60-year-old threw her on the bed and raped her.

Jane Doe is just one of more than a handful of women who accuse Simmons of sexual misconduct and rape. The businessman has maintained that he is innocent and has respect for women.