At the Safe School for Girls (SS4G), a co-educational school in Rwanda, male students are taught how to support and improve the lives of women in the East African nation. According to BBC Africa, boys at the school spend afternoons learning how to report abuse.

After classes are over boys at SS4G are sent to a different classroom than their female counterparts.  During the sessions, male pupils are taught that men are required to end violence because of the patriarchal power structure of the society. They also learn the proper ways to help girls who experience gender-based violence and how to support them.

“If we happen to see such violence, we report them and make sure the people who have [committed the violence] are judged,” Rini Mutijima, an 18-year-old student at the school, told the news organization.

He continued, “For the girls who have this done to them, we make sure to support them, give them counselling and help them get back into society.”

CARE International, a large humanitarian aid organization, runs the Rwandan school with the help of local charities. By teaching boys how to be active feminists, the non-profit hopes it will lower the rates of domestic abuse and shift the gendered power struggle.