Black love goals Sabrina and Idris Elba have announced the upcoming launch of their newest endeavor—a skincare line. The beauty line called S’able Labs—which is the couple's last name spelled backwards—is a non-gendered line that prioritizes "ethical supply chain and reducing the use of toxic ingredients and unnecessary packaging."

In a statement obtained by Vogue, the idea to create this line was birthed out of a conversation regarding feeling disconnected from their community in the midst of the pandemic. “It opened up the idea of wellbeing and self-care that we hadn’t really thought of before—looking at wellness from the outside in, in terms of your community and who’s around you. That’s when it clicked," said Mrs. Elba.

"When we started out in this relationship as a new couple, we noticed that there was a missing space for couples to go for dialogue, support and inspiration," states a mission statement shared on the brand's website We wanted to fill that space with a community of people who understand the importance of partnerships… a community for coupledom.

In the continued spirit of unity, The Elbas announced this collaboration on Coupledom Day and on their podcast series called Coupledom.

"The coupledom community is an open space for not just romantic couples but any partnerships between two people, whether it be familial, business-related, or romantic," continues the mission statement. "Both of us being ambitious dreamers, we realized that we could dream together and combine our efforts as partners to help each other achieve our goals. This is the realization we want to share with the world."