Safaree Samuels is currently on a promo run for new single, “Hunnid.” During a recent podcast appearance, the Brooklyn boy opened up a bit about his relationship with ex-fiancee, Nicki Minaj.

While sitting down with the hosts of Easily Offended, the reality star broke down the moment he learned Minaj made out with Nas on the set of “Right By My Side,” saying they were engaged at the time, but she purposefully shot the scene while he was briefly away from set, and didn’t mention it until the video was released.

“You wanna know what’s so crazy? I didn’t know it happened until the video came out. I ain’t gonna lie, I was hurt. I was there the whole day, I was like ‘damn did that happen when I left to go?’ I must have left for like an hour.”

Check out the convo below.

Minaj later dated the Ether MC for a short time in 2017, splitting after just a few months.