As a busy mom of four, Samia Gore was tired of the constant grind to maintain her healthy lifestyle. Outside of her federal government job, she had limited time and resources for cooking nutritious meals, getting enough rest, fitting in exercise, and prioritizing self-care. Finally, Gore decided to take matters into her own hands with a system that would streamline and simplify her wellbeing needs. She created Body Complete RX (BCRX) in 2017, the world’s first plant-based weight management system and centering health specifically for Black women. 

Taking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, Gore worked with renowned nutritionist, Dr. Ruby Lathon, a certified holistic nutritionist and advocate for plant-based nutrition. Together, they formulated and launched five product lines, each of which prioritizes a different wellness goal with the intention of supporting a well-rounded, healthier lifestyle. The plant-based supplement systems were developed with a complete wellness journey in mind and provide solutions for healthy meal options on-the-go, increased energy throughout the day, easier ways to relax into bedtime, or a single pill to provide all the vitamins and minerals needed to feel your best.

Image: courtesy of Body Complete RX.

After building and self-funding the brand for years, Gore was able to leave her day job and now runs the successful multimillion dollar brand full-time, which continues to break barriers. She is the first Black female founder and entrepreneur to break significant ground in the highly competitive, male-dominated nutritional supplement industry. In August 2021, Gore launched her exclusive plant-based, vegan supplements at The Vitamin Shoppe, making BCRX the first Black female-owned brand to launch in the retailer’s weight management category. She was also named by Inc. in the 100 Female Entrepreneurs of the year for developing supplements with people of color in mind. 

Keep reading to shop a selection of the brand’s offerings in weight management, nutrition, skincare, and pre-workout made with plant-based formulas to effectively help all individuals meet their personal health goals sold in The Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide. 

Manage Your Weight 

Image: Body Complete Rx

Body Complete Rx Trim Kit $180,

With nearly 500 near 5-star reviews, this kit contains the brand’s most coveted weight management supplements all in one package. It provides you with everything you need to rev up your metabolism, curb your cravings, supercharge your energy, control your appetite, and put your weight back in your hands to give you results. You’ll also receive 30 servings of the brands Nourish vegan-friendly protein powder, enhanced with high-antioxidant beetroot and sweet potato to fuel your body, slim your waistline and leave you feeling your best. 

Increase Energy and Immunity 

Image: Body Complete Rx

Body Complete Rx BCRX Kit $130,

This kit has everything you need to thrive including the Balance Probiotic Capsules to help you supercharge your gut health. Also, it contains the BCRX Multivitamin, Calm Relaxation Capsules and Protect Seamoss Capsules, to provide a boost in energy, immunity, mood, and bone strength.

Keep Skin Luminous

Image: Body Complete Rx

Body Complete Rx Glow Kit $120,

The Glow Kit was formulated to make your natural beauty shine through. With everything you need to rock your glow and get firmer, more lifted, smoother skin both inside and out, this kit makes looking your best easy. Just one daily scoop of the Restore Collagen Powder delivers the skin-supporting peptides plus coconut water you need for healthy, vibrant skin hair and nails. The kit’s Vitamin C Serum brightens and firms skin, fights the visible signs of aging for a naturally sun-kissed result. 

Maximize Your Workout

Image: Body Complete Rx

Body Complete Rx Perform Kit $60,

Take your workout to the next level and crush your goals with this nootropic enhanced pre-workout blend. Specially formulated to reduce soreness and fatigue, build muscle, and increase your endurance, the Pre-Workout Powder gives you the power to go hard, get ripped and level up. It’s packed with natural performance enhancing L-Citrulline plus Beta Alanine for an energy explosion.

Supercharge Your Health

Image: Body Complete Rx

Body Complete Rx Nourish Kit $80,

Formulated with a proprietary blend of beetroot and sweet potato, Nourish delivers 9 essential amino acids and a whopping 20 grams of protein in every serving to power muscle growth and toning. The protein powder is also rich in antioxidants to keep your skin radiantly healthy, enhance immunity, and propel your heart and blood vessel health. You can even create your custom bundle with preferred flavors.