Samuel L. Jackson has revived his Unbreakable character, Mr. Glass, for the new film Glass. While promoting the thriller, Jackson sat down with BET to discuss something his character from Kingsman and President Donald Trump have in common: an apparent fondness for McDonald's cuisine.

When asked if Trump should automatically be categorized as a real-life villain since he shares a love of the fast-food chain's offerings with Jackson’s character, the actor referred to 45 as “the ultimate cheap guy.”

 "It just makes him the ultimate cheap guy, that's all," he said. "He thinks everybody eats like him, so he figured that was a great, healthy meal. These are teenagers. They want this crap."

Check out the clip below.

The Clemson Tigers, college football's national champions, were treated to burgers, pizza and salads from some of the country’s biggest fast-food chains on Monday night during their celebratory visit to The White House.

“I think we’re going to serve McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger Kings with some pizza,” Trump told reporters on Monday. “I really mean it. It’ll be interesting.”

Trump, who claimed he was worth $10 billion but whose net worth is actually $3.1 billion, said he paid for the meals himself due in part to the government shutdown, which has entered a record 25th day.