Actress Sanaa Lathan appeared Monday (July 2) on The Talk and discussed how she felt when she was accused of allegedly biting Beyoncé at a party.

Rumors began to circulate and the hashtag #whobitbeyoncé was started after comedian Tiffany Haddish told GQ magazine that an unnamed actress was flirting with JAY-Z and then nipped at the singer’s face when she intervened.

When asked about the speculation, Lathan did not confirm or deny whether she had any involvement in the biting incident. She did, however, tell the cast of The Talk, “Me and my friends, we laughed our a**es off. We thought it was funny. I mean, it was so absurd.”

The actress first denied the accusation in March, saying “under no circumstances did I bite Beyonce,” on her Twitter account.

Although she tried to clear her name, a source came forward saying she was responsible. Last month, Haddish also confirmed that Lathan was the actress at the center of her “biting” story during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Ultimately, Lathan was unfazed by the rumor because she’s no stranger to rumors after all her years in the entertainment industry. Watch the clip below.