Setting up for its second season, Starz series "Boss" will be adding the lovely Sanaa Lathan to its heavy-hitter cast as Mona, an "incorruptible new chief of staff," under Chicago mayor Tom Kane (Kelsey Grammar); a man who quickly becomes obsessed with her. No surprise there, given Lathan's beautiful looks and consistent history of playing irresistible characters, as seen in the "Nip/Tuck" series, "The Family That Preys," and "Brown Sugar." With Grammar's recent Emmy win for Boss, the series has begun to pick up more buzz which will definitely provide Lathan with much deserved exposure. 

Lathan has actually had a recurring role as the voice of Donna Tubbs in "Family Guy," but we're glad that her she'll be performing in person soon enough. As for the big screen, the actress recently starred in the apocolyptic "Contagion" with Lawrence Fishbourne and alongside Anthony Mackie and Forest Whitaker in the voodoo film "Vipak," which is currently in post-production.

Does Lathan's new character seem like a good fit for the actress? What other Black actresses are overdue for a regular role on television?