Like the rest of the world, Sandra Bullock, 53, loves Black Panther and her reason has a lot to do with her eight-year-old son, Louis.

The Oscar-winning actress spoke to Access Hollywood on the red carpet for the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday and recounted her meeting the cast of the record-breaking film.

“I was behind the Black Panther cast, I started to cry backstage when I was telling them how much the film meant to me as a woman, but how much it meant to me as a mother,” said Bullock.

Bullock is the mother of two African-American children. She adopted Louis in 2010 and her daughter, Laila, in 2015.

“About five years ago, my son asked me if there were any brown Legos,” she said. “And I said, ‘Yes, there are,’ and I got a Sharpie and I turned Spider-Man brown, I turned the Legos brown, and I don’t have to turn them brown anymore.”

One thing the Oceans 8 star is confident about is that Black Panther will receive nominations for next year’s Academy Awards.

“It will be back here [the Oscars] next year,” she said. “There is no doubt in my mind.”