Dr. Amber Robins, the founder of Sanxtuary MD, has launched a product designed to help young women learn how to manage their menstrual cycles and to promote body positivity, Black News reports.

Robins, a board-certified family medicine physician and entrepreneur, created “My First Period Kit” as an “innovative set of period panties that have been professionally crafted to celebrate womanhood."

Included in the kit are Sanxtuary MD’s signature period panties, a book, pen, jewelry, as well as other supportive information about various puberty topics to educate and empower young women on their new journey.

Sanxtuary MD’s period panties come with a customized design that keeps pads of all different sizes in place with comfortable straps. Each pair features absorbent bamboo fabric with the ability to hold up to five tampons of liquid, offering protection day and night.

The vision behind the brand is to usher young women into puberty with confidence as they learn more about the changes in their bodies.

Dr. Robins established Sanxtuary MD after reflecting on her personal experience with menstruation and the struggles of her female patients that she's cared for in her practice.

“My company helps women learn about their bodies and find effective products to manage their periods,” says Dr. Robins.”Our ‘My First Period Kit’ empowers young women, while our period panties solve the problem of heavy periods or nightly leaks. Together, we address the struggles of women worldwide and take some stress away from that special time each month.”

For more information about Sanxtuary MD, visit the company’s official website at SanxtuaryMD.com.