In this exclusive interview with EBONY, Jackson talks landing his first major role on HBO hit Insecure as Dro, Molly’s (played by Yvonne Orji) sometime-lover who’s in an open marriage, saying it was a traditional audition process. Still, Jackson believes it was meant to be, as he had so much in common with the slick-talking character.

“I saw it, it was mixed Black and Latino, I was like, ‘boom this is mine!’ The open marriage, at that time I was kind of exploring something similar. I was at the very tail-end of a relationship trying to save something that wasn’t there. It was just real specific, like, does somebody know Issa that knows me and is trying to base a character off of me?”

Jackson also dives into how he approached more intimate scenes with Orji, saying she had more acting experience in that department and actually made him feel more comfortable.

“I had never done anything like that acting-wise, and she had season one under her belt already, so she knew how the whole get down was. I hit up Jay Ellis as well as Y’lan Noel who plays Daniel to talk to them for the male perspective.

“She’s a religious woman, so In real life, she don’t do all that…but she was pretty cool about a lot of stuff, she was actually making me feel more comfortable.”

Check out the clip above.