It’s not everyday that you go to a seafood restaurant and have your order taken by President Obama’s daughter. But that’s exactly what patrons will experience when they visit Nancy’s on Martha’s Vineyard. Sasha Obama, the youngest daughter of Barack and Michelle, is now working the takeout window at the restaurant, the Boston Herald reports.

Sasha, who is using her full name of Natasha at Nancy’s, is being trained on the ropes of the service industry at Oak Bluffs eatery this week. She’s been working a cash register, clearing tables and prepping the restaurant before it opens for lunch.

“She’s been working downstairs at takeout,” said a server at the busy eatery. “We were wondering why there were six people helping this girl, but then we found out who it was.”

Six Secret Service agents who sat outside the restaurant in a large Suburban SUV accompanied Sasha to her summer job. When her shift ended, Sasha and a friend who also appeared to work at the eatery brought a tray of drinks out to her security contingent, got in the SUV and took off.

Nancy’s is a favorite for the First Family, who tend to pop in for a seafood feed when they are on their annual Martha’s Vineyard vacation. The Obamas  are reportedly friends with Nancy’s owner Joe Moujabber, which is how Sasha scored her summer gig. Sasha has been working an early four-hour shift at the busy 350-seat restaurant, wrapping up her duties just a half hour after it opens for business at 11:30 a.m.

Word is, she will only be working until Saturday when her parents arrive for their two-week vacation. The Obamas have been attempting to raise their daughters as normally as possible, considering the family’s fame. Despite the president being in office for eight years, both Malia and Sasha attended their first-ever state dinner in March.

“We generally don’t include the girls,” first lady Michelle Obama told Entertainment Tonight at the time. “We tried to normalize their lives as much as possible.”