Grammy-nominated rapper Saweetie and her ICY Baby Foundation have announced a financial literacy program for youth set to launch in January 2023, reports ABC News.

On Twitter, Saweetie expressed her excitement about impacting young people with the tools to promote financial literacy and wellness.

“Youth aged 7-17 years old are eligible to participate in the six-week program and receive a funded debit card, educational resources, and information about saving, budgeting, and financial planning,” her tweet read.

Saweetie launched her ICY Baby Foundation with her grandmother, Roxane Harper which is focused “on financially empowering Black and Brown youth through financial literacy and education and cultivating entrepreneurial mindsets within underserved communities.”

“Financial illiteracy is a systemic problem impacting the Black and Brown communities, especially in the lower economic demographic,” Harper said. “It is passed down through generations but can be broken with education and resources. We are trying to break that cycle through our Icy Baby Foundation,”

Ahead of the official launch, Saweetie made an appearance at the Oaklandia Cafe to speak with aspiring entrepreneurs at the kick-off event.

“I’m really grateful that you guys are here. I hope that we can all take something from today and carry it with us for the rest of our lives because I want you guys to all succeed,” she said. “And I wish that there was somebody talking to me when I was this young.”

The foundation is currently serving Sacramento, Oakland and Las Vegas. And, it is seeking to expand across the nation with the intention of closing the racial wealth gap.

“It’s not [children’s] fault that they’re not aware of [financial literacy] because, in our previous generations, we were only focused on survival mode,” Saweetie said. “But now, it’s time to teach the kids on how to invest their money, save their money and spend their money. And, I’m just so happy that I’m doing it with my grandmother because she’s been trying to put this in my head since I was a kid.”

Applications for the program are open until December 30.