Hmmm…we’re scratching our heads on this one. Word on the street is that Antwan “Big Boi” Patterson is convinced that Lee Daniels is the ideal person to produce an Outkast biopic.

The news doesn’t come as a complete shock as Big Boi did have a reoccurring appearance in Daniels’ second television Fox drama, Star. And with the attention and peaking interest in biopics these days, especially after the monumental response to BET’s New Edition Story, an Outkast flick would probably be super interesting.

Heck, even the EBONY squad put together a list of biopics we’d love to see from some of our fav 90s groups and artists – and Outkast made the cut.

On the heels of the group celebrating the 23rd anniversary of their debut album “Southern Playalistic” Big Boi chopped it up with interview with HipHopDX, and expressed the group’s keen dedication to making a biopic happen.

“Me and Andre 3000, just spoke about it last week when I was in New York. I think he might have been in a couple of meetings talking to people,” he told the publication. “I got a couple people in mind that I’ma talk to, one of them being Lee Daniels who I just did the TV show Star with. We just know it’s time to do it. It’s coming.”