Celebrities and marriage are pretty much akin to water and oil these days, but the marriage of supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Seal seemed able to stand the test of Hollywood. However, after rumors of an impending split began circulating early this weekend, the high-profile couple officially announced their separation in a joint statement released Sunday night:  "While we have enjoyed seven very loving, loyal and happy years of marriage, after much soul searching we have decided to separate. We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship and continue to love each other very much, but we have grown apart. This is an amicable process and protecting the well-being of our children remains our top priority, especially during this time of transition. We thank our family, friends, and fans for their kind words of support. And for our children's sake, we appreciate you respecting our privacy."

It seems like the public and Hollywood alike were both blind-sided by the news, seeing as Heidi and Seal were the epitome of how to make it work in Hollywood. With four children and two successful career, the parent couple appeared to have found the perfect balance of work, love and family. Having married in 2005, they were known for their heavy PDA, not only physically but vocally as well. Regarding Heidi and their marriage, Seal once said, "People often talk about the most important thing in a relationship. They say it is really important that you are turned on by your partner and you love each other, which is all really true. I often think that the most important thing or certainly up there with love is respect." The couple had famously renewed their vows five times, most recently this past May with their children.

When it comes to celebrities, does marriage stand a chance? Or does fame and money come with a cost?