“I have an enormous amount of respect for everything Oprah has achieved and contributed in her life.”

This is how British singer Seal begins to explain the “misunderstanding” that took place after re-posting a meme criticizing the talk show host’s past relationship with Harvey Weinstien. In fact, he claims it wasn’t an attack on the media maven, but rather a call out of Hollywood’s hypocritical nature in general.

He also argues that  none of the women sexually assaulted or harassed have received any real justice, as their abusers are still walking the streets. The 54-year-old also took offense to the idea of him being an “Uncle Tom” trying to “down a sista.”

“Let me make something abundantly clear to you. I am British born, but don’t get that ‘Kiss From a Rose’ stuff twisted. Do you see these scars? My parents are from Africa! More specifically, Nigeria. I am about as Black as you will ever get.”

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The Grammy-winner also blasts Fox News and Stacey Dash for using his post as means to degrade Winfrey, telling Dash, “Keep my name out of your mouth. Do not re-tweet or re-quote anything I have said in order to  reinforce your self-hating agenda. You live in the sunken place!

He went on, “This was an observation of the toxic nature of Hollywood, and i believe that a conscious people are a progressive people.”

Lastly, he applauds the men and women who have come out of the shadows with their stories of abuse. Watch his full explanation below.