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LeRoi Jones and Diane Di Prima

[VINTAGE VISION] Baraka and the Black Arts Movement

Many young writers, no matter how independent they are as thinkers, want to be down…

White House Takes ‘Whole of Government’ Approach To Address Disparate Pay For Black Women

Black women are among the most educated groups in the nation. Yet, this crucial segment…

Cop Plays Taylor Swift In Attempt to Block Black Lives Matter—and Fails Stupendously

In the ongoing fight against systemic racism and state-sanctioned police brutality, a California police officer…

Black TikTok Music Creators to Support During the #BlackTikTokStrike

Last month’s Black Music Month was a major cultural touchpoint in our lives—especially during this…

In Our Mother’s Gardens: Unearthing The Lush Lineage Of Black Women

Shantrelle P. Lewis’ timely documentary In Our Mother’s Garden brings front and center the Black…

‘Yasuke’ Writer Nick Jones Jr., Talks Crafting Japanese Anime With A Black Lens

From ‘Afro Samurai’ to ‘Cannon Busters,’ Black anime is not a fad. It’s a movement…

A Black Woman Created the “Me Too” Campaign

It was impossible to scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feeds on Monday without seeing the…

How the Camera has Advanced the BLM Movement

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, right. Throughout our nation’s history, capturing…

The Blacks of the 1960s: Black History from the Pages of EBONY

Black Americans of the 1960s were fighting to define their future and themselves on their own terms; EBONY was there to capture the journey.

Black History from the Pages of EBONY: The Negroes of The 1940’s

From its inception EBONY was determined to illuminate the truth of the Negro experience. It boldly confronted the institutionalized racism of its day, proudly provided evidence that Negroes could thrive in spite of it, yet continued to offer hope that America could and would change for the better.

Stop Dating Non-Black People Who Are Silent About Our Struggle

According to the author of this revisited August 2016 article, Black folk should not date non-Blacks who will not support our causes.

EXCLUSIVE: Beverly Bond Speaks Truth, Lessons & Love of All Things #BlackGirlsRock

January is National Mentoring Month, and in celebration and recognition, we repost this April 2018 exclusive interview with mentor extraordinaire and Black Girls Rock! founder Beverly Bond.

Is Pete Buttigieg Black Voters' 2020 Presidential Dark Horse?

Is Pete Buttigieg Black Voters’ 2020 Presidential Dark Horse?

In advance of tonight’s Democratic presidential debate in Atlanta, we are reposting this June 2019 article about the Midwestern mayor who has captured the attention of Black voters and President Barack Obama’s former campaign manager.