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Lelo Alia

[TALK LIKE SEX] How Toys Can Bring Your Sexy Back

When it comes to spicing up your love life, one of the easiest, exciting ways…

[TALK LIKE SEX] Sex and the Sacred: How Religion Impacts Our Sexuality

It’s that time of year when many of us take time to reflect on our…

[TALK LIKE SEX]Are You Sexually Compatible?

Something’s changed. You haven’t had your toes curled since Senator Obama was shouting about hope…

T-Boz Talks TLC’s Legacy, Touring with Chilli and Beating the Odds

The superstar spills the deets on her health, her 30-year career in the music industry and her brand-new business endeavor.

Taye Diggs Talks Black Hollywood Renaissance [INTERVIEW]

Happy birthday to Taye Diggs, born Jan. 2, 1971. In celebration of the actor, we’re revisiting this exclusive September 2013 interview.

From Fredom to Dependency

From Freedom to Dependency for the Elderly, the Difficult Family Talk

Throughout November, National Family Caregiver Month, we are revisiting posts such as this one from December 2015 that focus on the issue.