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Nivea Shows Off Her ‘Sexy Side’ in New Photo Shoot

“I am a proud mother of 4, working towards Great health! And although I have not reached my goal weight, I STILL LOVE my body,” she beamed in an Instagram post.

Sarunas Jackson Talks ‘Insecure’ & The Reality of Filming Sex Scenes

“I had never done anything like that acting-wise, and she had season one under her belt already, so she knew how the whole get-down was.”

Janelle Monáe Talks Sexuality & The Baptist Church

“I leaned into the idea that if my own church won’t accept me, I’m gonna create my own church.”

Don Lemon Talks Safe Horizon and Being a Child Sex Abuse Survivor

“As much as you think it hurts, tell your story. Encourage people to tell their stories.”

Vivica A. Fox Says Prioritizing Sex Led to Being Single

Vivica A. Fox Says Prioritizing Sex Led to Her Being Single

The actress has learned to appreciate different qualities in her mate.

D.L. Hughley Wants Terry Crews As First Guest on New Talk Show

Hughley hopes the actor is willing to discuss his #MeToo experience on ‘The D.L. Hughley Show’