In a time when we truly need a support system, a show like “Girlfriends Check In” is right on time! It will make you want to gather your crew to spread love, get your laugh on and uplift each other’s spirit.

The season season finale airs tonight (6/22) at 10pm EST on OWN TV! The finale will be especially exciting as girlfriends Tisha Campbell, Holly Robinson Peete, Kym Whitley and AJ Johnson get together for a fun time to talk about everything from wigs to motherhood. As one of OWN’s first virtual Series, each episode invites viewers into the homes of different groups of celebrity girlfriends who come together virtually for an uplifting and light-hearted conversation focusing on love, friendship, wellness and of course, spilling tea. In this clip, Tisha reveals why she started wearing wigs and how racism played a part in her decision. It's a clip that really hits home for far too many Black women and resonates deeply especially with the racism embedded in this country.

We spoke with actress, life coach, philanthropist, fitness guru and producer AJ Johnson this week. She talked about how she’s been coping with life during the pandemic and reiterated that it’s ok to live in the new, but more importantly, to embrace the new. She also discussed the importance of being a frontline worker and that frontline workers can range from protesting, to being an essential worker and down to helping an elder who can’t venture out.

With emotions are at an all-time high, AJ hooked us up with some tips on how to sanely get through this difficult time. She AJ’s checklist below:

  1. Create a list of everything you want to accomplish for the week. This will help you stay on track with:
    1. Nutrition
    1. Fitness
    1. Physical well-being
    1. Emotions
    1. Mind, body and spirit
  2. Create a friend group that keeps you:
    1. Sane
    1. Balanced
    1. Accountable
  3. Give back:
    1. Money
    1. Time
  4. Find someone in your life that is spiritually stronger than you to help with balance.

Visit to get more tips on how to become the best version of you and be sure to check out AJ and her girlfriends in the season finale tonight on OWN TV at 10pm EST.